Classification of plastic cosmetic packaging

As a popular and fashionable product, cosmetics have the dual value of practicality and appreciation. People enjoy the bursts of fragrance from the cosmetics while skin care, beauty, and hairdressing, which in turn generate beautiful associations and make life better. And some cosmetics The packaging itself is a good work of art, which can make people enjoy spiritually.

There are many types of plastic cosmetic packaging, and there are many classification methods, mainly: classification according to product function; classification according to dosage form; classification according to content composition; classification according to use part and purpose of use; classification according to age and gender of user.

1. Classified by product function

It can be divided into three categories: washing, skin care and beauty:

The first category is washing products, which can also be referred to as personal hygiene products, such as: facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, etc.

The second category is skin care products, which can be called basic cosmetics, such as: body lotion, day cream, night cream, sunscreen, moisturizer, essence, etc.

The third category is beauty products, which can be called cosmetics, such as: foundation cream, whitening milk, color series, which include: eyebrow pencil, lipstick, eye shadow, rouge, mascara, etc.

2. Classified by product purpose

It can be divided into the following categories:

(1) Cleansing cosmetics: cleansing cream, facial cleanser, etc.

(2) Protective cosmetics: vanishing cream, lotion, etc.

(3) Cosmetics for beauty: rouge, eye shadow, lipstick, etc.

(4) Nutritional cosmetics: ginseng cream, pearl cream, placenta cream, etc.

(5) Medicinal cosmetics: freckles cream, acne cream, etc.



3. Classified by product formulation

(1) Aqueous products: perfume, toilet water, lotion, etc.

(2) Oil products: hair oil, sunscreen oil, massage oil, etc.

(3) Emulsion products: cleansing milk, moisturizer, hair cream, etc.

(4) Powdered products: incense powder, talcum powder, prickly heat powder, etc.

(5) Block products: rouge, eye shadow, etc.

(6) Cream products: shampoo, mascara, etc.

(7) Aerosol products: hair spray, mousse, etc.

(8) Pen-like products: lip liner, eyebrow pencil, etc.

(9) Pearlescent products: pearlescent shampoo, pearlescent nail polish, etc.

(10) Transparent products: transparent shampoo, transparent hand soap, etc.

4. Classified by consumer

Can be divided into female cosmetics, male cosmetics and infant skin care products.

It can also be divided into hair care products, facial skin care products, eye skin care products, hand, foot, body care products, etc. according to the parts of use. There are also many special purpose classification products, such as anti-ultraviolet, spot removal, wrinkle removal, nutritional whitening, anti-allergic and so on. Each category of products has its own design features due to different attributes. Usually, the design graphics and text of washing products are more eye-catching, and the colors are bright; the design of skin care products is exquisite and elegant, with soft colors; the design of beauty products is graceful and luxurious, and the colors are rich. However, market competition is ever-changing. In order to design ingenious cosmetic packaging, professional plastic cosmetic packaging manufacturers, such as Zhejiang Jinsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. have to break conventions, be brave to innovate, and break through to achieve the best visual effects.


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