What are the principles that should be followed in cosmetic packaging design

The success of cosmetic packaging design directly affects the improvement of product taste and product sales. Therefore, every cosmetics company pays attention to packaging design. Moreover, in the process of packaging design, the transportation of the product and the convenience of carrying and using the product should be fully considered, and the budget and control of the cost should be paid attention to. So, what basic principles should cosmetic packaging design follow?

1.Beautiful and generous

Cosmetic packaging has the function of beautifying and promoting products. The packaging design must fully display the characteristics of the product, display the style of the product, and must be artistic. Only such a packaging design can be considered successful and can leave a deep impression on consumers. Nice impression. Especially when designing high-end cosmetics packaging, it is necessary to highlight the nobility and elegance of the product and give consumers a beautiful enjoyment. The packaging design of low-cost cosmetics also needs to be carefully prepared and cleverly dressed to make it feel good and cheap and unique.

2. Practical functions

The cosmetic packaging design should facilitate the transportation and storage of the cosmetics, as well as the display of the cosmetics, as well as the carrying and use of the cosmetics by the user. The volume, capacity, and form of cosmetic packaging are diverse. Choose the most suitable shape according to the characteristics of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging of cosmetics is tightly sealed and that it is easy to open when consumers use it.



3.Protection products

The packaging of cosmetics must have a protective function for the product, so the selected packaging material must be environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to the product. The production process must also be suitable for the physical, chemical and biological properties of the packaged product. It is necessary to effectively ensure that the cosmetic product is not damaged, deformed, or deteriorated, and also does not leak or smell.

4.Social effects

The design and use of cosmetic packaging should ensure social effects, prevent unnecessary packaging costs from increasing, reduce the burden on consumers, and have better performance in saving social resources and will not pollute the environment.

5. Respect for religious beliefs and customs

Different countries, different regions, different ethnic groups have different religious beliefs, different values ​​and different customs and habits. Therefore, in the process of cosmetic packaging design, businesses and businesses should be based on consumers in different countries and regions. , Different cultures and different customs and habits to design, so as to have a better attractiveness, this is the respect for consumers, but also can have emotional resonance with consumers.

All in all, the packaging design of cosmetics must follow the above principles. Successful cosmetics design can effectively increase the sales of products, so we must pay attention to it.


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