What factors should be considered in cosmetic packaging design

For cosmetics, packaging is its facade. Cosmetics packaging looks very high-end and is an important selling point of the product. An excellent cosmetics packaging design can not only make consumers feel happy, but also convey the brand image and brand image to consumers. Brand story. If you want to sell unknown cosmetics, you need to consider the following factors when designing cosmetics packaging.

1. Target customers in the cosmetics market

Cosmetic packaging design is aimed at customers, so it is necessary to understand the target customers in the market. Many people think that cosmetic customers are women. In fact, many men also know cosmetics. If the cosmetics produced by the company are mainly developed for men, then in product packaging It needs to conform to male aesthetics.

2. Packaging conveys brand information

If you want cosmetics packaging to convey the correct brand information and allow consumers to understand the company more intuitively, more appropriate logo elements must be incorporated into the product packaging. For example, the corporate brand story is very moving, so you can integrate the brand story into the packaging. Perhaps many consumers are moved by the brand story to buy the cosmetics.



3. Cosmetic packaging layer

Cosmetic packaging design is generally divided into outer packaging box and inner tray. Here, the outer tray refers to the outer packaging that consumers see when purchasing cosmetics, while the inner tray refers to the storage of cosmetics. When designing these two parts, you need Full consideration of various factors. For example, is the ratio of the size of the packaging box and the size of the inner tray correct? Whether there will be bumps during transportation.

4. Packaging key information

Regardless of the shape of the packaging box, the packaging cannot be left blank. This is because each cosmetic has its own identity information. In addition to the brand LOGO on the packaging, it also needs to include the product parameters, so that consumers can pass the parameters You can know the characteristics of this product and whether it is suitable for your own use.

5. Cosmetic packaging color matching

A large cosmetics company has many cosmetic brands. In order to differentiate these different brands of cosmetics, Zhejiang Jinsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. suggests that the color of cosmetics packaging can be changed slightly. In terms of packaging color, it can be matched according to the characteristics of the product and the color of the product's brand logo. , Be careful not to use too much color, it will appear very messy.


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